A Public Pizza Oven

To answer the first question, can everybody use this oven? Yes! We build that oven for public use. You are very welcome to bake your very own pizza just beside the Fjord. You can find the oven on the island Kvaløya. It is not far from Tromsø, abouer 40 minutes drive. You can park just beside the oven on a wild camp spot. It is also possible to set up a tent further down by the sea.

Download Location & Guide

Pizza oven Location & Guide

Pizza oven in Kvaløya Tromsø
Public pizza oven down by the sea in Kvaløya

Location Specs

Kvaløya (about 45 minutes drive from Tromsø)
all year (park the van on the road in winter)
What to bring:
Firewood, pizza ingredians, warm cloths
Places near by:
Tromsø, Sommarøy and Senja

Get the exact location on the download PDF above.

Converted Fishing Vessel

The pizza oven is build out of parts from the fishing vessel Sandra B. The boat ran aground in December 1990. The accident took place close to the Lyngenstuva in the Lyngen Alps. According to what we found out, due bad weather conditions and human failure. Luckily no one lost his life. If you are visiting Lyngen, you should consider to hike to the ship wreck. It is a quite unique place. You will get an idea about the forces that the Arctic nature can develop. We will soon have a hiking guide available to the ship wreck.

Watch us Converting

In Episode 2 of North & Beyond, Simon is harvesting parts from the rusty ship wreck. to build the oven back in his workshop in Tromsø. He is also using heat stones and bought a metal pipe to use as a chimney. You can watch the full episode “Something from Nothing” on our Youtube channel or just scroll down.

Pizza oven out of shipwreck
Converting parts of a shipwreck into a outdoor pizza oven.