We came up with the idea to build a portable sauna on a trailer. So we can tow it wherever we want and roast ourselves by the Fjord. To get a sauna oven we made a road trip to Northern Finland. Where we encountered not just reindeer and Finnish rappers. We also succeed in buying the right size of a Sauna oven for our project. Back in Tromsø we finally could start building. It took us much longer as anticipated but the outcome was worth the time and sweat. We crowned our trailer Sauna  with an 13 kg porthole from an old ship. The first try out of the portable Sauna with our friends was just amazing. The Sauna has the right size for up to 6 people, the oven (Harvia M2) is creating enough heat and the windows are giving you an great sight towards the sea.

Since the outcome of this project became so great, we decided to rent out the Sauna. If you like to have a Sauna in the area of Tromsø, check out our website where you find all information and you can also do your reservation.

You can find also more information on www.rentasauna.no


After we have posted the video, several people were asking how we build our trailer sauna. For that reason we wrote a short tutorial with useful information about building a portable sauna. Click the link below to find out more:

Sauna Building Tutorial

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