Welcome to our first episode of North & Beyond. Our web series starts in the middle of September 2020. This time Simon is brewing a real Arctic beer. He is making an American IPA out of glacier ice in the Lyngen Alps. To harvest ice for the beer brewing, he is hiking all the way up to the glacier Steindalsbreen. 25 kg of glacial ice has to be carried down to the Fjord in a backpack. After an exhausting descent from the glacier, he  melts the ice to water, filtering and sterilizing it. The actual beer brewing takes place in Nordlenangen, the most Northern part of the Lyngen Alps. At this amazing place, he gives us a short inside – how actually to brew a beer.

In episode 3, he is placing the bottled beers  from this episode in a dive for 6 months onto the Arctic ocean ground to mature.

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  1. J.
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    Love it – keep it up guys, can’t wait for episode 3.

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