Rent your private Sauna – by the Fjord in Tromsø.

Mobile wood Sauna

Since we love taking a sauna, especially in the cold and dark period of the year, we came up with this for our web series North & Beyond: We build a portable sauna on a trailer in a modern design. Spacey enough to fit up to 6 persons comfortably. The sauna is fire-up with a real wood oven from Finland. You can see onto the Fjord through a old Hurtigruten porthole and the 2 large side windows.

Rent your Sauna

Above all, you have the chance to rent this mobile sauna. We are offering the sauna as a standalone rental in Tromsø. You pick it up – it can be towed by any car with a tow hook. The sauna trailer has 2 axels. Or you rent the sauna on location with or without service. The service can include firing-up, towels, food and cleaning. You tell us what you need. We are happy to deliver. The sauna has also a hot water tank, USB / 12V charging, bluetooth stereo, natural ambient lights and WiFi (on request).

To rent the Sauna in Tromsø you can visit the webpage

Prices and Servies

22h rental (tow yourself):1.590 kr.
22h rental (Delivery):2.890 kr.
Firewood (1 bag):100 kr.
Sauna towel p. person:150 kr.


1 DAY1.590 kr.2.890 kr.
2 DAYS2.690 kr.4.190 kr.
3 DAYS3.690 kr.5.190 kr.
4 DAYS4.490 kr.5.990 kr.
5 DAYS5.190 kr.6.890 kr.
6 DAYS5.890 kr.7.390 kr.
7 DAYS6.390 kr.7.890 kr.
8 DAYS6.790 kr.8.290 kr.
9 DAYS7.090 kr.8.590 kr.
10 DAYS7.290 kr.8.790 kr.
11 DAYS7.890 kr.9.390 kr.
12 DAYS8.590 kr.10.090 kr.
13 DAYS9.290 kr.10.790 kr.
14 DAYS9.990 kr.11.490 kr.
Sauna Rental Tromsø
Badstue Tromsø